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Death Star home theater

Company in Seattle makes AMAZING Death Star Home Theatre for Undisclosed Client.

Star Wars Home Theater
No kidding; this theater is in someone’s house! This is NOT your father’s Death Star theater… unless, of course, you happen to be Luke Skywalker. DillonWorks in Mukilteo, WA (near Seattle) fabricated this custom home theater with automatic doors and twinkling star fields. Edit: Reddit user u/Big_Brain_on_Brad posted this article that interviews the homeowners:

Concept Sketch

CHIANG! - The owners of this residence commissioned Doug Chiang who produced the original concepts for the theater. Who better than a Star Wars designer to design a theater based on the Death Star? Edit: Reddit user u/Big_Brain_on_Brad posted this article that interviews the homeowners:
When we first arrived on the jobsite, this room was a drywall box. We installed all of the surfaces as components pre-built in our shop; including sound panels we designed for the desired acoustical effect. Edit: Reddit user u/Big_Brain_on_Brad posted this article that interviews the homeowners:

The Lobby

The lobby has a raised floor and lowered ceiling to resemble the gangplanks in the Death Star. We applied mirrors to the floor and ceiling which reflect the walls so they appear to go on forever.

Environmental Authenticity

Another feature is the automatic pocket doors leading into the theater. Our clients wanted the doors to operate quietly, because doors that go “psssshhhhh” when they open are from Star Trek, not Star Wars. Did you hear that? No? Mission accomplished!


I just finished watching this episode earlier.  It was so fucking on point.  I love this man.

Ferguson police Noobs with less sense than some video games, where people would get pissed if you have your weapon out or pointed while trying to interact with them. 

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I spent the evening yesterday at my parents house cleaning out their refrigerator. They are/were hoarders… up until my mom got sick. The other siblings have been taking turns cleaning up the place so my mom can get around better. It’s a drastic change for them but it was very much needed/due for…

blessing sometimes come in a strange form. My mom had me when she was 36. She is 76 and hordes food like..well “two chest freezers in a tiny condo” hoarder. I don’t really know if there is a way to rate food hoarders. Maybe by the numbers of chest freezers? My mom is a 2 CF food horder

STEM motion capture lightsaber. The accuracy and responsiveness make this look like you could have a real virtual lightsaber fight.

For more information on the STEM System:

This is one of the first videos in which we show our STEM Pack, which is mounted to the strap of the Oculus Rift DK2 to provide full position and orientation tracking for the user’s head. STEM Controllers provide tracking for each hand. 

The lightsaber or sword is the true test for a one-to-one motion tracking system in VR, because it requires low latency, and almost perfect tracking of both position and orientation between your physical and your virtual self as you perform swipes, slashes, blocks and counters with the lightsaber. The STEM System and the SixenseVR SDK make this experience possible, and also make it easy for developers to create these types of applications quickly. The experience is a fantasy, but it feels natural because of the near-perfect hand-eye coordination that the SixenseVR SDK provides.

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